Who are we?

We are Foodies. We have a ferver for gastronomy and we want to convey three values that form the philosophy of Foodieteca:

Product, product, product. Respecting the product and its origins, creates a sustainable vision for our kitchen. 

Sea, mountains, dry land and orchards are the four elements that make Catalan cuisine one of the bastions of the Mediterranean diet. It is a diet rich in grains, vegetables, fruits and beans all washed down with wine and combined with the best olive oil and seafood.

A personalized and informal service, out leitmotiv. 

A space with an enviroment of where everything is taken care of down to the last detail. 

Our added value: interior design, product and service. Our space creates the feeling and warmth of home and with this we maximize the hospitality. 

The sum of these values is that Foodieteca possesses the formula for the ideal place to enjoy a unique gastronomical experience.